Pre-Shotgun Certificate Application Lesson

Although there is no legal requirement, many Police Forces are now suggesting that in support of your application you undergo some form of instruction in shotgun use, handling and safety.

David is a Qualified CPSA Shooting Instructor and BASC Shotgun Coach. He is a Member of the Association of Professional Shooting Instructors.(APSI)

In addition David is qualified to deliver the CPSA Shotgun Skills Course and as such is ideally suited to satisfy these requirements.

Pre-Application Instruction will include:

Types of shotgun

Cartridges (inc misfire and storage)

The component parts of a shotgun (Inc. safety catch and proof marks)

Transportation of a shotgun in a vehicle

Carrying a shotgun in a slip and out of a slip (Inc. taking it out of a slip)

Crossing an obstacle with a shotgun (alone and with someone)

Handling a shotgun (Inc. when and how to close)


Master eye test

Shooting Techniques, Gun Handling and Safety whilst live firing on range

A signed letter outlining the instruction given above will be provided in support of your application.

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